RatrodSA Newsletter DECEMBER 2014 – #RatrodSA

As we ride into the last few days of 2014, I revel in the sweet sounds of V8’s in my ears. I listen, smell and see Rat Rods around me. I live and breathe these Rat Rods. For out of my heart my passion flows for rust and it is with this passion that I invite you to read RatrodSA’s first newsletter.

This has been one of the best years since embarking on my journey of building rat rods. I have seen unique creations and met amazing people, no not people – my family. From America to Hakskeen pan in South Africa, I have experienced nothing but hospitable warm people who share my love for rat rods.

The highlight of my year, must be the honor I had to tour over 3000 miles across the USA in real bad ass rat rods. It would not have been the same without my partner in crime … Glen! He truly was and continues to be a kick ass friend. Together we had the privilege to experience the American rat rod culture. This experience has given new meaning to my self-proclaimed insight of what I thought a rat rod was. I learned that a rat rod is more than parts, paints and engine. I discovered that a rat rod is in actual fact a blue-collar hot rod. The American and Canadian rat rod enthusiasts sparked my vigor and zest to create and I am currently busy with a Plymouth. I cannot even begin to thank the rat rod magazine family for inviting me as their guest. It has been an absolute pleasure to learn from you and keeping you company throughout the tour. Your hospitality has been wonderful – thanks buddies.

My second highlight of the year was Speed week held at Hakskeenpan in the Northern Cape. I’ll tell you, racing 5 kilometers in the desert may seem easy to some, but try to race it with a 1958 Morris – quite a challenge indeed. You have to put your pedal to the metal and push your car to the limit. Never the less, the desert with all its wind, the friends of Custom Cruises and all the fun-filled moments made the 1200 km I drove to get there worth my while. The Having a photo shoot with Wegry magazine in the sunset and a second photo shoot under the starry-light milky way made me wonder … can I be any closer to heaven? I look forward to 2015 when the British will attempt to break the world speed record on this 5km strip of desert at Hakskeenpan.

RatrodSA has been fortunate enough to be invited to weddings, matric farewells, festivals and exhibitions to take photo’s with the Morris and of course to rev up the engine! The Durban Motor Exhibition was quite something unique and I managed to get the prize of various complements for the best detailed stall. Each and every function brings something memorable and unique to the table and gives me the opportunity to learn and perfect the art of Rat Rod culture.

It has been a productive year and I have managed to start the new rat rod culture dubbed “RatrodSA.” It is mainly focusing on novelties such as shirts, calendars, stickers etc. and will later grow as I ascertain the needs of Rat Rod followers. Please feel free to convey your rat rod needs to me and I will try my utmost best to assist you in whatever way I can. Our RatrodSA Facebook page is very active and we are approaching 5000 friends. Thank you to everyone supporting this page!

My year would not have been fulfilled and so successful if it was not for you who played an essential part in it. A special thanks go to everyone for all the bad ass knowledge and fun. You are cool man – thanks.

Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year I am sure you will love them. May your passion ignite a flame for your Rodding and may every ride be sweeter than the one before.

Season greetings,

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